There are two mayor pillars of IT continuity: OPS (Applications Management, DataBase Management, Monitoring etc.) and Infrastructure Management (Availability of Hardware, Network, Data Storage etc.). It is a core of IT functionality of any modern organization. Without OPS and IM there is no availability and therefore also no continuity. Within IT landscape, there are various teams that fall into those two categories, working 24/7/365 to provide support and maintain permanent availability and continuity. In case of calamity (prio 1 and 2 incidents), additional resources are attached and crisis teams are being assembled to reestablish availability a.s.a.p.

Even in times of "business as usual" this might sometimes pose a very serious challenge, as not all needed IT specialists are constantly available due to sickness, vacation leave or any other internal or external factors.  And even without calamities, someone must maintain operational mode of systems and infra all the time, just to keep things up and running. So what can an IT organization do when her own IT specialists are unavailable in crucial moments of need and all other options are exhausted, systems are unguarded or even unavailable, and continuity is compromised? They can call us and request our temporary Remote IT Support! It's your last line of defense  when all other options are exhausted and your organizations is facing interruptions in its core IT processes. It is a back-up of the back-up, designed to limit damage to your IT operational availability as much as possible. 



In cooperation with several of our partner companies worldwide and our large pool of international IT freelancers, we are in position to provide you with temporary (emergency) support whenever you need one. We can assign IT specialists with adequate skill sets to assist you and/or independently maintain your IT systems for as long as needed, 24/7/365. We take assignment as a company and we deliver services as a company, not as an individuals. In that way we can guarantee agreed delivery. Assigning dedicated resources for a longer period is also a possibility. All IT disciplines are represented in our pool, you will be provided kind of support that you need. Any operating system, any kind of database, any specific IT discipline or role... we have it all covered. You can reserve any amount of needed support hours (with minimum of 20) proactively, in which case you can be sure that we will have available resources for you during agreed time frame. Ad Hoc requests are handled on best effort basis. Make your reservations on time, ensure continuity of your core systems under any and all circumstances.



In order to support your IT organization properly, we need remote access to your systems and environments relevant for our support role. We need all appropriate authorizations (OS user, APP user, DB user, batch scheduling overview, monitoring and such), contact lists (in English or Dutch), system documentations and written maintenance  procedures and protocols. Authorizations are usually obtained in fastest way if clone of existing user is being made. We also need access to your ticketing system with search functionality so that we can, if required, dig in your incident history and look for previously implemented solutions. Knowledge transfer and shift transfer with your internal resources are also of great importance, but that is optional and dependent on circumstances. We expect that everything can be arranged on both sides in 8 - 48 hours from the moment of receiving formal request. We guide you actively during set-up phase and inform you about allocation of resources.