Operational Partnership is a form of business operation between two or more sides who share management and profits. We have designed a tailor-made legal framework which enables our operational partners to access Dutch and wider EU market in a way that they can participate as a local instead of foreign company, being able to dispatch their specialists, products, goods or alike in fast and cost-effective way. We provide umbrella of services which will unburden our partners, spare them unnecessary costs & time and make them profit from our know-how, assets and network in local markets. We have three service packages that we offer to our operational partners: Basic, Advanced and Full Service. Some adjustments in form of “à la carte” additional services or skipping of certain cervices is possible, based on the individual needs of our operational partners. 

In short, our partners get a Dutch subsidiary company or majority in joint venture company, can choose between different packages of our services, and can enter the market within 2 weeks from the day of signing a contract with us. After 1 year, they can prolong their contract with us or choose to overtake our shares in case of joint venture and continue independently on their own, as by that time company’s operational processes are fully established and company is self-sufficient in all ways. In case you have different ideas about form or the substance of our possible partnership, or you have needs not covered by our concept, we invite you to share your vision with us. We are open for new proposals.