DATA PRIVACY MANAGER  PLATFORM                    

Through strategic partnership with one of the EU’s market leaders in Analytical Systems Implementation, Data Management and GDPR Solutions, Poslovna Inteligencija from Zagreb, Croatia, we posses exclusive distributorship and resellership rights in BeNeLux region and Sweeden for high-end GDPR solution “Data Privacy Manager”. Our daughter company InSource Software is acting in this context as a main re-seller and system integrator within market areas of exclusive distributorship. We are free to conduct non-exclusive distribution of the product globally and in that context we are looking for new international partners. If you would like to participate as our sales, system integration or training's partner, feel free to contact us. 


                       CERTIFIED TOTAL GDPR SOLUTION                     

How can you be sure of (or even measure) reached level of GDPR compliance within your organization? Especially if you hire external assistance, what guarantees do you have that delivery has indeed been completed? Tough questions, right?  

We can offer you that certainty in the form of Certified Total GDPR Solution. Whether it concerns your individual GDPR processes, specific products, or overall state of compliance, we can make you truly compliant and confirm it with official EU DP Sealed Certificate issued by authorized external party, valid in whole EU for the period of two years. It is à la carte concept, you choose exactly in which areas you need this kind of solution, based on exclusive & unique utilization of relevant DPM software modules. To address the concerns of hidden costs we offer this concept against the fixed price and estimation of fixed date of delivery so you know from the start what you can expect from us and what is the timeline of delivery.  

When it comes to IT GDPR consolidation, in cooperation with our Software Development partners, we can provide you with attractively priced tailormade compliance-by-design solutions for your IT systems, more cost effective then inhouse development or off-the-shelf solutions, regardless of the technology used.