International partnerships, business development and HR intermediation, those are the three pillars of our mission. Through partnerships we are able to provide our clients with high-end portfolio of products, services and consultancy; by business development we expand our sphere of influence and our network even further; and through our HR portal we create and maintain a versatile and powerful international workforce pool of well-motivated and highly capable IT and non-IT professionals, who are willing and able to address any and all professional needs of our clients.


By creating highly hospitable, stimulating and creative business working environment we aspire to become one of the leaders in the field of IT consultancy innovation, in cooperation with our partners on all levels. By introducing volumes of new authentic profiles we blow a new impulse to limited local HR supply streams. We have adopted a ‘triple win’ concept where all sides (Client – Professional – InSource&Partners) benefit from the mutual engagement.


Though globalization is not a very popular term these days, primarily because the term itself was systematically abused by irresponsible corporate and political entities, we believe in a just and unified world without the borders where each of us is rightfully different but we are all equal and fully respected as such. False hierarchy, discrimination, intolerance of any kind: you will not find them in our company. We stimulate healthy professional competition as a mean of personal and corporate growth, and at the same time we stand united as a team and no man is left behind. All our employees are ambassadors of our company and our values are reflected in their performance and presentation to outside world.